January 2019:

We are happy to present our new CATAM Navigator 1Q2019 (available in German only):

CATAM Navigator 1Q2019


November 2018:

Banco Award

Dear Investor, Dear Partner,


On October 18th at the Banco Awards the Prince finally found Cinderella. In the past 8 years CATAM was regularly nominated with two to three of its funds in various time categories and never could bring home a trophy. This October, prince charming found Cinderella’s shoe and the matching foot. The CAT Gryphon Fund, which recently celebrated its 10 year anniversary, was nominated in the 1, 3, 5 and 10 year bracket, and won first prize in the 1 Year Multistrategy No Bias Category. Our delegation of 5 enjoyed a delicious Gala dinner at the Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva, amongst 200 other guests and prize winners from the industry.

We believe it takes every link in the chain to perform well. Therefore we would like to extend our thankyous and congratulations to all our excellent partners: To our HF investment managers, to IFM our administrator, to LLB our custodian Bank, our CATAM team and of course to you our investors who placed the needed trust in us.


CAT Gryphon Banco Award


October 2018:


We welcome Marcel Roth and Urban Eberle to our CATAM team.


September 2018:

Launch of Qwilenium Fund

In October 2018 our new fund Qwilenium will be launched investing in the World Quant Team of Millennium. The investment strategy is a quantitative L/S Equity strategy.

More information.


August 2018:

Amendment of prospectus

The company Helvetische Bank AG is from now on acting as the Investment Advisor of our
CATAM Global Equity Fund which was therefore renamend to Helvetic Plus Global Equity Fund.
The Fund is now authorised for public distribution in Switzerland and we intend to list
the Fund at the SIX Swiss Exchange.

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July 2018:


We welcome Veronika Biedermann to our CATAM team.